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Hi, I’m Via. I am a full time college student & a part time writer. I love helping people & this blog is where those things all come together. Everything from college, to travel, to general life advice, it can all be found here! I just like to share my experiences and what I have learned along my way.

18 Apps that Every College Student Needs

Note Taking Apps Note taking in college is something that can be really important & is a skill that everyone should probably have. Although there are more fill in the blank notes than I expected in college, I still needed some good habits when it came to note taking. Here are some of the best […]

Step by Step Semester at Sea Packing List

Packing for Semester at Sea, or a semester abroad in general can be a lot to handle! I created this list for myself to pack for my future travels & hope that it will be helpful to y’all as well. Thinking about packing in advance, especially for a trip like this is something that is […]

Taking Notes During Virtual Learning

Among all of the changes that have occurred due to the pandemic, one of the most difficult for high school and college aged students is online classes. Even though college is a lot of teaching yourself, this is a whole new level of self-taught learning. This post should give you some good tips to get through those tough video lectures or readings…

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5+ Productive Plane Activities to Keep You Busy

There is not always a great time in life to get the small organizational tasks done. There are not a lot of moments to stop and clear the clutter.

But, with or without Wi-Fi, traveling can be a great time to get organized and be productive, so next time you are inclined to just watch a movie or sleep on your flight, do some of these easy tasks instead.

Making the Most Out of Your Travel Day

But the one thing that I love most about travel days is the amount of uninterrupted time that I have to get things done or relax. If you know me, relaxing is not my style, so I choose to make the most of my time in the air.

Over the years, I have learned the most efficient ways to pack, travel, and get things accomplished, so I figured I could pass along the knowledge to make the most of your travel days as well.

My Favorite Winter Layering Ideas

I have some winter laying tips to create cute outfits that will boost your confidence and your mood. So, put down that sweatshirt and pick up a turtleneck, because you are going to need it…


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