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AVL is here to showcase the life of a college student trying to make the most out of life. Everyone have different experiences, but when we share those with others, everyone benefits. Here, you can find posts about college life, dorm & apartment decor, recipes, cleaning & organization, travel, and so much more.

Weekly posts will come out, but content depends a lot on what is going on in life as well as the world. For consistent, daily tips and content, check out the At Via Lorraine Instagram page HERE

About the Author

Hey! My name is Via, and I go to the University of South Carolina. Being a business major & involved in on campus organizations, I always stay busy. My love for organization, planning, and DIYs in general have led me to share what I know! I

have always enjoyed writing as well as helping others, but sometimes I have felt like I was not the person that other wanted to hear from. But here you are! I appreciate your support deeply and hope that you find what you are looking for here!

How to Connect

The reason that I do any of this is because of my readers. I love helping them & learning along side of them. You are one of those people, so please reach out! I absolutely love receiving direct messages, having people swipe up on my stories, or share their own tips and experiences!

I try out fun DIYs every single day, so if you want to see those in real time, check out my instagram stories!!

I also love connecting via email. I send freebies, exclusive tips, & general fun updates (but I promise not to send too many)

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