Welcome to At Via Lorraine.

As parts of this new site are being built, I invite you to check out my current blog HERE! I cannot wait for this new blog to be ready for the world to see, but I still want to be able to share my content with all of you.

I am just your typical college student…

Hey! My name is Via, and I go to the University of South Carolina. I have always loved writing as well as helping others, but sometimes I have felt like I was not the person that other wanted to hear from.

But here you are! I appreciate your support deeply and hope that you find what you are looking for here!

Things you can find here…

College Advice

Whether it is the transition from “regular” classes to an online platform, studying habits, or getting involved at your school, I am right there along with you.

Saving Money

Being a college student can be tough when you are restricted to a budget and trying to work, but want to have fun as well. As I have worked through those challenges, I have come up with some tips and tricks to help.

Decor and Organization

I love decorating, organizing, and finding my own style. DIYs and budget friendly decor are some of my favorites that I love sharing with other people.

Lifestyle and Travel

I am a ~generally~ normal college student. I learn new stuff every day that I like to share. Another one of my passions is travel, especially studying abroad which I have tips for a well!

Let’s do this thing together.