5+ Productive Plane Activities to Keep You Busy

There is not always a great time in life to get the small organizational tasks done. There are not a lot of moments to stop and clear the clutter.

But, with or without Wi-Fi, traveling can be a great time to get organized and be productive, so next time you are inclined to just watch a movie or sleep on your flight, do some of these easy tasks instead.

Clean Out Your Camera Roll

This is something that I do on almost every flight because it doesn’t need Wi-Fi and can be fun as well. I personally have thousands of photos that I no longer need, so this is the perfect task.

I would recommend starting with your screenshots folder. This is one of the places where I find the most unnecessary photos.

After I clear everything out, I like to make and update my albums to keep everything organized (at least until my next flight).

Organize Your Desktop Files

Cluttered files on your laptop can be incredibly annoying. What better time to organize them when you have no choice but to be disconnected?

Go through each of your folders, delete unnecessary documents, and organize the rest. From there, decide which of those folders you need to see on your desktop.

I use desktop organizer backgrounds in order to organize my folders into categories in order to stay further coordinated.


Delete Apps on Your Phone

Do you know how many apps on your phone you do not use? Take this time to delete them and clean up your home screen!

One of my favorite updates on the iPhone is the app library. When going through your apps, you can choose to delete the app all together or just delete it from your home screen. Use this feature for apps that you only use once and a while; they can be removed to decrease clutter but stay accessible when they are needed.

Plan Your Grocery List

This is a super easy way to get prepared for wherever you are going. Make a mental list of what you already have and then a list of what you need to purchase. It is a great way to pass time while also doing something that is productive.

Draft Emails

If you have a job or go to school, this could be a great use of your time as well. Although you cannot send emails without Wi-Fi, you can write them either in your notes app or in the email application on your phone or computer. This will keep you ahead of your work even while you are in the clouds.

Create Your To-Do List for the Week

Similar to drafting emails and planning your grocery list, this will just help you get ahead when you arrive at your destination. Since you have time on your hands, you may as well use it to make your plans.

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