3 Ways to Save on College Textbooks

Buying textbooks for college, quite frankly, sucks. You already pay so much for classes and housing and meal plans, and then you get hit with hundreds of dollars worth of books that you just need to buy. After 4 semesters of this pain, I have learned a few tricks to saving money in this area of school.

*Before you go about trying to find cheap options, make sure that you check your syllabus or with your professor. Some books require an online code in order to access homework, exams, etc. You do not want to accidentally purchase a book without that access code.*

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Online Versions

When you have a textbook that requires an online version with an access code, check out the book website to see if there is an online option available. If you are able to read on the computer, this is a perfect option for you.

Personally, I do not always need the physical version of the textbook, so instead of purchasing from my University Bookstore, I take to the company website to save typically, over $50.

With this option, you still get the access to the classwork, but save on the cost of having an unread textbook laying around.


Some classes only use a physical book. Whether it is required readings, book quizzes, or otherwise, Amazon can be a great tool. They have options to buy new, buy used, and rent for most textbooks.

The past couple of semesters, I have rented textbooks for around $25 from Amazon. All you have to do is send the book back at the end of the semester; they give you a shipping label and all the instructions as well.

Class Facebook Pages

How I did not realize this before astounds me and makes me sad, but there are people that have taken classes before you that have the books that you need! (duh Via…)

Anyways! This is an amazing way to save money. These students have no use for the book any more & are just trying to get any money back that they can.

It is a great resource, but remember to barter as well! The price that they post does not always have to be final. If you ask for even just $10 lower, most of the time they will say yes, so try.

Finally, make sure that you are taking the time at the end of every semester to sell your books as well. If you have ones that other people may need, let them know on those pages! Every dollar counts in college.

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