Festive New Year’s Eve Outfits 2020

Whether your celebration is virtual or not, who says you can’t leave 2020 behind in a cloud of sequins. That’s right, those are still all the rage this year. Sequins came into fashion in the 1920s, so it’s not surprising that they are back in high demand during the “new 20s”.

Don’t worry, sequins aren’t all that NYE outfits will bring. But keep reading if you want some ideas for your own party attire.

Sequin Skirts & Sweaters

Whether you prefer silver, gold, or rose gold, these skirts come in sooo many options.

I personally love this outfit because it is classy yet fun. In particular, paired with the puffy white jacket like sarahstylesseattle, you are ready for both a night on the town or a party at home.

Sequin Pants

If you aren’t one for skirts, these pants are SHOW STOPPERS. You will most definitely be turning heads in these.

Just like the skirts, they can be paired with sweaters, but also work well with just a t-shirt and a jacket. This look can be dressed up or down depending on your preference and the occasion.

Sparkly Tops & Leather Pants

See! I told you that it wouldn’t be all sequins!

Although these tops are sparkly, they pair so well with these leather pants, another trend here this year. They may seem a little bold, but all of New Year’s Eve is, so there is no better night to pull out those leather leggings or pants.

This is another look that looks sleek and classy with a little bit of rebel.

Leather Jackets

No sparkles here and I have to admit that I like it.

The bold jacket paired with some jeans makes a statement of its own. I think it could be paired with a fun pair of heels or purse to spice up the look.

If you want to add the sparkle that it is missing, throwing on one of the sparkly tops could do the trick.

Classic Party Dresses

Pair these with a cute headband or handbag and you have the perfect NYE outfit. These dresses are fun and festive and can really show off some personality.

I would pair it with red heels & a matching red headband for a NYE and holiday look.

’tis the season for sequins!

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