[Pumpkin] Spice Up Your Apartment for Fall // 5 Simple Decor Ideas

One of my favorite things about having my own apartment & feeling like an “adult” is being able to decorate. It doesn’t have to be a one time thing, and throughout the years, you will continue to grow your decor.

Though, as a college student or young adult, spending money on decor isn’t always your top priority. In this post, I will give you some simple and affordable Fall decor options to “spice it up”.

Note: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive commission at no cost to you. I only ever promote products that I truly like and would use myself. To see my full disclosure, please see my legal pages HERE.

1. Pumpkins

This is one of the most basic decor items for the fall, but it is just so easy! They add both some life and some color to any room. There are a few different options when it comes to decorating with pumpkins.

White Pumpkins

These are going to be your super classic look. When the area you are decorating has a lot of different colors that are not typically “fall colors”, white pumpkins can be a perfect option. They add the Fall spirit without clashing with your other decor. These tend to be pretty cheap as well; I just bought some at Trader Joe’s for less than a dollar each ($.65 I believe).

Plastic Pumpkins

If you are looking for the cheapest decor option, check out your local Dollar Store, Walmart, or Target for some $1 plastic pumpkins. They typically come in various colors, so they are easier to match to your current decor.

If you want to spice it up some more, break out that bottle of spray paint! I recently purchased a super cheap pack of pumpkins that were neon pink, covered them in gold spray paint, & now they match my decor with a classy vibe. You can use any color of spray paint to match your color scheme as well. (side note: I always have a couple of bottles of spray paint on hand because it makes cheap decor look fancy and match!)

Painted Pumpkins

Are you dead set on having real pumpkins either in your apartment or on your porch? Well a trendy and fun option is painting your pumpkins. I love this option because it tends to be less messy than carving pumpkins, but it is just as creative. Just pull out your acrylic paints, glitter, and paint markers and start designing!

This is a great way to show off your personality, personal style, and your love of the fall. This is also a super easy way to make your pumpkins match your other decor!

Classic Carved Pumpkins

I love the classic pumpkin carving tradition that comes with Fall and more specifically, Halloween. I think that this option is a little bit more expensive, but the experience as a whole makes it worth it. Head out to your local pumpkin patch, pick out the best one, get to carving, & make sure to save those seeds for a yummy Fall snack!

2. Flannel

Flannel is a super popular fabric and pattern when it comes to the Fall season. Not only can you wear it to make your outfit more seasonal, but you can also use it around your home or apartment to add some color, texture, and warmth!

Flannel Blankets

Switch out your typical blankets for a soft, warm flannel one! You can find these almost anywhere including Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Think about what colors remind you most of Fall and use those to choose your blanket. The one thing about flannel blankets is that they do not always fit everyone’s budget because sadly blankets can get pretty expensive.

Flannel Scarves

Not only are these great to wear, but they can make great accents in a room! This is a cheaper option for a flannel blanket. When looking for flannel scarves, check out the “flannel throw scarves”; these are typically larger and open up to be a square. It makes it the perfect thin throw blanket for the couch or Fall tapestry for the wall.

This is one of the flannel throw scarves that I am purchasing to both wear and decorate with. It comes in multiple different colors and it is under $10.

Check it out here!!

3. Fall Scents

When a room smells like Fall, it makes it feel so much more cozy. I think that it can be the most important part of “decor”.


Obviously, these are most people’s first choice because they are comforting, warm, and smell great. I love candles too, but being budget friendly with them can be tricky. If you are looking for cheap candles, check out the Dollar Store. They do not always have a ton of options, but it will be much cheaper than other places.

Another thing to remember for keeping costs low- you do not need the biggest candles that they sell! Although I love keeping my candles burning all of the time, it is just one season. You can purchase another candle next year for Fall.


Believe it or not, using Fall scented soaps can also make your rooms smell amazing. I recently bought Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning spray, hand soap, and dish soap all in the Spiced Pumpkin scent. When we use it in the kitchen it makes everything smell amazing! This is a multi-use way to bring those Fall scents into your space.

4. Nature

This may seem silly, but if you are trying to keep costs low with your decor, go on a nature walk and grab stuff along the way!


Once the leaves in your area start turning and falling, they can make beautiful decor as well. Think about making a DIY wreath, garland, or just filling a jar with the various colors! Make sure to grab them before they are too dry because otherwise they can cause quite the mess.


Pinecones are another way to spice up your decor. The great thing is that these also work with your Winter decor. If you don’t have pine trees in your area, you can also order these from Amazon or Etsy! Just toss them around your other decor, hang them with twine, or use them with the leaves in garland or in jars.


Add a pop of color with Fall colored flowers! Think deep reds, yellows, and oranges to bring warmth into your space. If you want to keep it cheap and be prepared for future years, try fake flowers from Amazon or your local craft stores! You can also get real flowers if you like the floral scents around your apartment. I get my flowers from Trader Joe’s, but you can get them at many grocery stores or farmer’s markets as well.

5. Doormats

A fun way to show off your Fall spirit to your neighbors is through a cute mat. Whether it is just Fall colors, or has a cute saying on it, there are tons of options to decorate your entryway.

Here is a super cute fall mat from amazon that I like! It’s one of the less expensive ones on amazon. Click here for the link!


This is a big thing right now when it comes to doormats. Black & white checkered mats underneath the typical brown ones are all the rage right now. It is modern, trendy, and super simple. The only issue is that it is more expensive then just buying one mat, but if you can find yours for cheap, it ends up being SO cute!

DIY Mats

Another idea to keeps costs low is to make your own door mat! This can be a super fun project as well. Go to the Dollar Store, your local thrift store, or Amazon and get a plain, brown mat. Then get a stencil or free hand a phrase or design on the mat with paint! You have total creative freedom with this option and it is tons of fun.

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