Step by Step College Packing List !

Packing for college can be both super exciting & totally draining. There can be so much to think about. If you are going to school far from home, it can be especially difficult because you have to bring everything in one trip!

This step by step list should help you out! It is a combined list of tons of items for college. Some of these you will need & some you will not, but the printable walks you through it!

There are many things to think about when you are packing for school, so I broke the packing process down into three steps that should ease the process & save you money in the long run!

1. The “Everything You Could Possibly Ever Need” List

This is exactly what you would expect it to be. A list that is way too long & has way too many things on it, but when you are moving away from home, you have a lot of possibilities.

Please please please do not think that I am telling you to bring all of these things with you. These are just suggestions of things to bring!

Take the list that I gave you, cross things off, watch youtube videos, add more things, read more blogs, & add more things until you have a full comprehensive, extensive list of items for your trip.

2. The “Things I Have vs. Things I Need” List

That is when you move on to the second list. You take all of the items on your master list & break it up into the things that you already have at home & the things that you would have to purchase before school.

This is super helpful to do in advance because you can clearly see what items you should be looking out for when you head to the store next. This also allows you to see early on how much you may have to save for all of the item costs.

3. The “Things I Need vs. Things I Want” List

This may be the most important list, especially if saving money is something that is important to you. Prioritizing what you actually need to buy over what you want to buy can be difficult, but essential when it comes to college. Not only will it help you pack light, but it will help you save money along the way.

Really dig into the list of things that you don’t already have & decide what you could not live without at least at first. Think about things that you could borrow from other people instead of purchasing yourself, think about things that you could purchase once you are there if you really needed them. These will help you to narrow down your packing & cause you less stress in the long run.

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