5 Steps to Planning a Photoshoot with Friends

Photoshoots with your girlfriends can be some of the best experiences that you have together. They are full of laughter, creativity, and just plain fun. My friends and I are not models, and we are definitely not professional photographers. But we love taking pictures to build our confidence and our social media feeds. BUT pulling off a photoshoot that leaves everyone with photos that they love can be difficult. Check out these steps to planning the perfect shoot with your besties.

1. Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest

This may seem like an obvious step, but wow Pinterest can be the BEST place to get your inspiration. Check out the Pinterest board that I use for my inspiration HERE!

One thing to note: most of the images that you see on Pinterest are already edited & are in some of the coolest locations. Do not just try & make your images exactly like theirs. Wear your own outfits, use props, and just have fun with it. Those make some of the best photos.

2. Choose your locations

After you get all of your inspiration. Try to determine where you want your pictures to be taken. If you are looking for some grassy field pictures, where is a place near by that you could take those? Where are some of the coolest murals in your hometown? & even where are some places with some simple backgrounds that you can use?

Choosing these in advance will cause you to scramble less and enjoy yourself more during your photoshoot. You will know exactly what to expect & how to plan for each location.

3. Pick your outfits

I will not lie to you. Sometimes I really struggle with this part of the process. I tend to want to bring almost everything in my closet with me when I go (my go to bag is the biggest ThirtyOne bag that I can find in my house lol).

But don’t plan like I tend to! Use your locations and your inspiration as a guide. What is the vibe that you are going for? Vintage? Bright pops of color? A good way to go if you are unsure, is create outfits that are really neutral. That way your colors will not clash with your different backgrounds.

Bring multiple outfits!! One of the best things about an extensive photoshoots with friends is that you will end up with sooo many different pictures for your instagram all in one day. So throw on different outfits, change up your hair style, or whatever you want to add some variety!

4. Plan your route & time it out

This seriously may be one of the most important parts of doing a photoshoot. Are there sunset photos that you want at a specific location? Then plan around what time the sunset is!

The other thing to think about with this is making sure that you are not running back & forth across town. Figure out what is near to other places & plan your route accordingly.

Setting around 4-5 locations would give you a full photoshoot. For every location, I like to allocate around 30-45 minutes (so for every new location, add 1 hour to your timing including driving).

Once you are planned out, your process will go much smoother, you will know when you need to make an outfit change, & you will be a super efficient group of personal photographers.

5. Edit Edit Edit

The last step to a great photoshoot with friends is editing!! This is super fun & it can also make your images more professional looking too.

I love editing my photos to match my instagram theme, but sometimes keeping pictures natural, but just changing the lighting can make all the difference as well.

If you want to know how I edit my photos, check out my post HERE !

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