Best things to do during an afternoon in Asheville, NC

During mid May, I was finally able to move out of my dorm room at the University of South Carolina. Living in Wisconsin, the trip there can be a long drive, so we like to stop in fun places to break up the drive every so often.

One of my favorite places to stop is Asheville, North Carolina because it is a cute little town with a lot of different things that you can do! We spent one afternoon there, & here are some of the best things that we did.

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Every time that I come to Downtown Asheville, I go to Tupelo Honey Cafe. They have the most amazing menu full of Southern Comfort food, creative plates, and perfect appetizers. Because we were just walking around Asheville for the afternoon, we ordered a couple of plates to share, & let me tell you, those may have been the best brussels sprouts & fried pickles that I have ever eaten.

I would show you a picture, but they got devoured so quickly that I didn’t even have time to take one! Moral of the story is that this place is GREAT & you should definitely check it out if you are in town. It is a really great dinner restaurant as well!

Mural Walls & Aesthetic Photo Backgrounds

Okay, I would say don’t necessarily go to Asheville for the photos, but if you happen to be

there, there are lots of fun places to have a photoshoot. Whether it is random painted tunnels, murals, or otherwise, there are plenty of photo ops around the town.

One of my favorites was a mural on a brick wall that my girl friends & I found! It was perfect for pictures to post & show off our little long weekend trip.

The Biltmore

This is probably one of the most popular attractions in the Asheville area (& therefore is a little pricey, but don’t be turned off by this!). You could spend an entire day at the Biltmore doing activities, touring the property, and eating, which is what I would recommend doing if you are paying the price!

This estate was owned by the Vanderbilt family and hold a lot of rich history about the area. You can do self-guided tours as well as behinds the scene tours of the estate.

My personal favorite part of the estate is the incredible gardens outside. It can be the perfect spot for pictures, reading a book, or just wandering around & exploring the beauty. There is also horseback riding available outside, so if it is a great day, I would take advantage of that!

For those of you who are into the food & drinks side of things, there are free wine tastings at the winery as well as small shops to grab food, snacks. or candy while you are there.

All in all, the Biltmore can be a great place to spend the day both outside and learning a little bit of the history of the Vanderbilts, Asheville, and North Carolina as a whole.

Shopping in Downtown Asheville

There are some of the cutest boutiques of many styles in the downtown Asheville area. Everything from clothes, to music, to candy, to honey. There is a little something for everyone!

I personally love popping into the clothing stores and picking out outfits that have more of a Southern feel to them. Some of the stores can be a little pricey, but find the ones that fit your price range or even just window shop because honestly that is just as fun 🙂

Street Performers

Okay, so this isn’t exactly something that you can do (unless you are a performer, I suppose), but keep your eye out for this!

During one of my visits to Asheville, there was an entire choir performing in the center of Downtown Asheville right by all of the shops and restaurants. There were tons of people gathered around to watch them & they were incredible!

I have also seen single performers playing instruments, singing, or even doing art work right on the streets & it is pretty fun to stop for a little while and watch.

Double D’s Coffee & Desserts

Maybe I am biased because I love little coffee shops that are fun & unique, but this may be one of the coolest little places that I have ever seen! It is a double decker bus turned into a coffee shop & dessert place. Not only is it incredibly visually appealing & just begging to have photos taken in front of it, but they have tons of fun drink and snack options!

If you are hanging out in Downtown Asheville for the day, it is the best place to stop to recharge before you get back to your shopping and exploring.

These are just some of my personal favorite places to go in Asheville, but there are TONS of others as well!

Check out for some more ideas all around Asheville & let me know some of your favorites!!

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